How 2022 May Pan Out For Chromology Canada Inc

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Blog by Chromology Canada Inc.

2021 was a challenging year for many industries. In the floor coating market, we saw shortages of products, making it hard for several of our competitors to finish scheduled work. Unfortunately, those drawbacks spilled into 2022 as COVID-19 continues to control the global economy.

Against all odds, we at Chromology Canada Inc remained resilient in the face of unprecedented conditions. We forecasted our obstacles and kept up with market changes by keeping a large supply of products on hand.

Over the last few months, there has been uncertainty around the availability of materials, along with ever-increasing costs on epoxy coating material which are now at an unprecedented high. We were aware that this would likely continue into 2022, so we prepared ourselves for the situation.

Our main focus is always to meet our customers’ needs and requirements without disrupting the project schedule. Despite these challenging situations, we ensured our clients didn’t face setbacks. What’s more, we try to always give the best price we can with only top-of-the-line products at all times!

If you’re looking for Ontario’s industrial paint, epoxy coating product supplier and distributor, reach out to us at Chromology Canada Inc. our mission is to manufacture and deliver high-performance, sustainable products that demonstrate our commitment to innovation, quality, and value for every market we serve. We specialize in interior and exterior substrates, wood, and concrete coatings.

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